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Homeschool News Feed

WARNING: The links to the following articles are automatically generated and updated hourly based on a search for the term "Homeschool" from Yahoo news syndication.

For those of us who have turned off the television, this will give you a good indication of how the major news media treats homeschooling. You will not find much mention of private Biblical homeschooling. The ideology of those in the news media is apparent as the "goodies" of government homeschooling are often the most positively spun elements.

Be sure to read "Avoid Government Homeschooling Like the Plague" to inoculate yourself before continuing.

Last Fetch: 2/28/2015 8:46:01 PM

Oregon considers banning most vaccine exemptions
SALEM, Ore. — Jennifer Margulis has her kids vaccinated and she gets shots herself. But she doesn’t like the idea of government telling parents they must get their children immunized.

Oregon considers banning most vaccine exemptions - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports
SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Jennifer Margulis has her kids vaccinated and she gets shots herself. But she doesn't like the idea of government telling parents they must get their children immunized.

Homeschool group will collect pet food uptown Saturday
Be on the lookout this weekend for little superheroes who will be on a mission to help feed four-legged furry friends.

54 Percent of Republicans Believe 'Deep Down' Obama Is a Muslim, Survey Finds
As many as 54 percent of Republicans have said in a survey that they believe President Barack Obama "deep down" is a Muslim, and only 9 percent trust that he's really a Christian.

Ben Carson: Homeschool, School Choice Benefit All Americans, Common Core Doesn't
Author and accomplished surgeon Dr. Ben Carson has expressed his support for "school choice" and opposition to Common Core at a major event in Maryland.

Lyons: Middle school basketball player's eligibility is overruled
A basketball player on Nolan Middle's school team had a tough weekend after bad news came down two Fridays ago, from a Manatee County School system administrator.

House Calls: How to Move From Hollywood to a 360-Square-Foot Cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains
Welcome to a special Micro Week edition of House Calls, a new feature in which Curbed tours the lovely, offbeat, or otherwise awesome homes of regular Angelenos. Think your space should be featured next? Drop us a line with a...

Homeschooling A Possible Solution For Teen's Panic Attacks
My 13-year-old son has developed overwhelming anxiety about going to school. This began a year ago, but has gotten steadily worse since then. At this point, he fights me every morning about going to school, and even if I can persuade him to get in the car, he won't get out. If I try to force...

Clinton Library to hold Board Game Day
CLINTON – If you homeschool your child, yet you want your little tyke to have some interaction, during the day, with other children then bring him or her to “Homeschoolers’’ Board Game Day,” held ever

Save the Date | Health, helping others and more events in the Myrtle Beach area
CHARITY BINGO… Click to Continue »

Local legislators are voting for weaker student tests
If you think Fayette County students should graduate with the ability to read, write, and do math, then you will want to know that Representatives Matt Ramsey (R–Peachtree City) and John Yates (R–Griffin) both voted to completely eliminate the High School Graduation Test when they voted for House Bill 91. read more

Schools must be neutral to religion
A lawsuit filed in Swainsboro, Georgia, last week uncovers yet another rural school district living in a time warp -- a 1950s world where teachers still lead children in daily prayer and send dissenters into the hallway.

Big Idea nominee HYPE Academy: aiming to Help Young People Excel
New Orleans Entrepreneur Week's Big Idea 2015 nominee HYPE Academy is a Homeschool, Tutoring & Educational Resource Center located in eastern New Orleans. HYPE, which stands for Helping Young People Excel, has provided educational services to children in grades K...

Claustrophobic 'Mommy' an impressive study of volatile relationships
The film “Mommy” bears aching similarities to its protagonist, Steve (Antoine-Olivier Pilon, “Laurence Anyways”), a 15-year-old boy with violent tendencies, an attachment disorder and ADHD. Both have the capacity to display effusive love, but turn on you quickly with corybantic rage. Both are a feverish whirlwind of passion that you can’t look away from. And both will utterly break your heart ...

Arianne Craig Jolla: HYPE Academy
HYPE Academy is a Homeschool, Tutoring & Educational Resource Center located in eastern New Orleans. HYPE, which stands for Helping Young People Excel, has provided educational services to children in grades K through 12 since 2011.

Primary School Teachers Given New Classroom Resources has released easy printables for teachers K through 8. (PRWeb February 23, 2015) Read the full story at

Strauss: Indiana Superintendent of the Year: Parents should homeschool kids during testing week
Indiana is cutting the state standardized test, which can begin as early as this week, from 12 hours to nine.

Ty Salvant: Young Scholars
New Orleans Entrepreneur Week's Big Idea Challenge 2015 nominee Ty Salvant's Young Scholars is "comprehensive educational enrichment program for families who choose to homeschool in a community," he says.

The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families
Marvell Robinson was in kindergarten when a classmate reportedly poured an anthill on him at the playground. After that, the gibes reportedly became sharper: "Why are you that color?" one boy taunted at the swing set, leaving Marvell scared and speechless.

Harrison County Homeschool Club helps with produce distribution
On Friday members of the Harrison County Homeschool Club helped distribute fresh produce to several hundred needy families through Mission Marshall's bi-monthly produce drop in the parking lot of Immanuel Baptist Church.

Graham Public Library announces programs
UNION GROVE — Graham Public Library, 1215 Main St., is offering these free events:

The 19-year-old girl who doesn’t exist
To say 19-year-old Alecia Pennington is suffering an identity crisis would be an understatement. Having grown up in a homeschooling Christian household in the United States of America, she never got a birth certificate or social security number – so from an identification point of view, she doesn’t exist. Alecia is one of nine siblings...  [Read More...]

Common Core informational meeting will be March 2 in Cambridge
There will be a Common Core informational meeting on Monday, March 2, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Crossroads Library conference room. Speakers will include Stacey Hamsher and Jenny Lang, two homeschool teachers, and...

Louisiana claims share of Clarence Cannon Conference crown - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports
The Louisiana boys basketball team clinched at least a share of the Clarence Cannon Conference title with a 64-42 victory over South Shelby in Louisiana, Mo.

Why More Black Families Are Homeschooling Their Children
Parents cite school-related racism, Eurocentric teachings.

COMMENTS: Top 9 things to do on kids' snow days
WCPO reached out to its nearly 160,000 Facebook followers Wednesday to see what parents planned to do with their kids during snow days.

7 Homeschool Kids to Remain in State Custody at Least 5 More Weeks; Father Says They're Victims of 'Christian ...
After his recent parental custody hearing was postponed for an additional six weeks, the devout Christian father of seven Arkansas homeschool students, who were removed from their home by state and local authorities last month, is claiming that his family is a victim of "Christian persecution."

Play ball!
Projections for spring 2015 look promising for the Gainesville Haymarket Baseball League. Expectations are high with projections running upwards of 900, possibly 950 players, on the roll for 2015. The Babe Ruth organization recently added several new zip codes to the GHBL territory.

NW Christian sets parent preview night - Thu, 19 Feb 2015 PST
Parents and students interested in learning more about Northwest Christian Schools are invited to attend Parent Preview Night tonight at 6:30 at the school, located at 5104 E. Bernhill Road, Colbert. Parents with students in preschool through 5th grade should gather in the lower campus gym where they will have the opportunity to meet with teachers and staff and view classroom displays. Call (509 ...

'Tebow Bill' passes in Virginia Senate
The Virginia Senate voted Tuesday to pass Del. Rob Bell’s, R-Charlottesville, bill allowing homeschooled students to participate in competitive extracurricular activities, including varsity sports teams, at local public schools.