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Public Homeschool Meeting

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Irvine, California

Home School Boot Camp

The Basics of Effective Homeschooling

Come join us! Bring a friend! They'll be glad you did!

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Avoid Government Homeschooling Like the Plague
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Visionary Christian Home Educators
Jill Grier
Wichita, KS 67205
The purpose of the group is twofold. First, to provide a Christian group for discipleship-minded parents and others involved in and/or interested in teaching their children from a biblical world-and-life view; to encourage the high standard of excellence for the glory of God – spurring one another on toward love and good deeds. Second, to further appreciation of homeschooling within the community through mentoring, service, communication, and vigorous Christian citizenship.

Our purpose is to educate, inspire, encourage, exhort and equip you to be confident in your ability to teach and disciple your children at home with an eternal perspective. Further, we desire to see you go on to mentor other mom's interested in and/or already involved in home education.

We are a volunteer organization of home schooling parents who are seeking to lead lives pleasing to the Lord by being faithful to disciple our own children, and to help others along the way. We view the education, discipleship, and stewardship of our children as a welcome privilege entrusted to us by God. We value ministering to others in order to help them in their journey with the help we've received.

"Where There is No Vision, the People Perish." Proverbs 29: 18a (KJV)


We have a multigenerational Christ-centered and family-focused orientation

- Seeking to help give families inspiration, vision, and tools to impact the culture for Christ.

- Actively preparing our children for their God-designed, unique life purpose.

- Building a multigenerational family ethic.

- Building a solid Biblical worldview.

- Encourage commitment to home education that is home based and parent directed.

- Evangelism coupled with political and social action to reclaim the nation.

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